Because we see fluent english as a basic requirement, we ask you to apply in english, even if a large part of the company speaks german.

Please do not send us a CV! Get creative & show us who you are.

We want to get to know you and focus on your experience and not your academic grades, no matter how old you are.

What we offer:
- We don't tell you how much hours or on what day you've to work - we want results & not your time.
- Take as much holidays as you need to be most productive.
- Work always with the newest Hardware.
- Very good salary.

What you bring on the table:
- A free mind without sidehustling or stress in you personal environment.
- Experience of work with or without a degree / personal experience / volunteer projects.
- Motivation for decentralisation and empowerment of the individual.
- Love your work

If you are particularly ambitious, just send us a simple short selfie video of yourself and tell us about your previous work experience & what you'd like to learn in the near future: or apply for the advertised positions by email.
As a professional we expect that you have several years of experience in working in a big or small company or even had you own.

We look forward to letting your expertise flow into our work & being able to learn from each other so that everyone can develop even further.
If you've just finished your training or studies: congratulations!

Show us what you've got - we look forward to fresh young wind.
Are you currently studying or doing an apprenticeship and would like to gain practical experience?

With us you can tackle hands-on work and take on responsibility.
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